About us

We're Revolutionizing Wind Energy

Mitu Resources dba WindShark Energy owns an exclusive worldwide license (except Canada) for WindShark, a proprietary, self-starting vertical-axis windmill. WindShark fills the market gap between large, costly wind turbines and micro-wind turbines that produce too much noise and not enough power at low wind speeds. The revolutionary aspect of the WindShark is its design: The three, curved helical blades utilize a blend of the scientific principles of "sacred geometry" and the Venturi effect, as well as the operational dynamics of a shark's gills. The resulting technology can be incorporated into a wide range of recreational, residential, and commercial power-generating scenarios, as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other renewable or traditional power sources.

MITU Resources Inc. (OTC: MTUU)

MITU RESOURCES INC. is a publicly traded wind energy technology company. The Company files periodic reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which can be viewed here.

Tapping into New Applications

“We are thrilled to be in a position to leverage the unique potential of the innovative WindShark micro wind turbine technologies. With a compact design factor that harnesses the operational dynamics of a shark’s gills to create reliable and safe power, WindShark could be ideal for numerous untapped applications, particularly in projects with lower peak energy consumption and in areas with low wind speeds that have not previously been ideal for wind and wind power generation."

—CEO Simeon Leonardo Reyes Francisco