Windshark Advantage

Windshark Advantage

There are currently two major aspects to the wind industry. Large wind turbine manufacturers sell large, 100-foot to 300-foot wind turbine structures that are used in large commercial wind farm applications. At the other end of the market are the small to medium wind turbine manufacturers who manufacture units for the residential and commercial markets. What the market is missing—and what WindShark delivers—are products at a competitive price-point that generate power quietly and efficiently at low wind levels.

WindShark's revolutionary design provides a number of advantages over existing wind-turbine technologies:

Unique Achievements

Design innovations enable the WindShark to start generating power at wind speeds below 2 mph and reach peak efficiencies between 6 to 10 mph. No other commercially available vertical axis wind turbine can achieve this.

Due to its ability to harvest energy from lower speed winds, the wind-tunnel-tested WindShark can deploy economically as much as three times more than that of conventional small wind turbines!