Who We Are

Mitu Resources dba WindShark Energy holds an exclusive worldwide license (except Canada) for WindShark, a proprietary, self-starting vertical-axis windmill. WindShark fills the market gap between large, costly wind turbines and micro-wind turbines that produce too much noise and not enough power at low wind speeds.

The revolutionary aspect of the WindShark is its design: The three, curved helical blades utilize a blend of the scientific principles of "sacred geometry" and the Venturi effect, as well as the operational dynamics of a shark's gills. The resulting technology can be incorporated into a wide range of recreational, residential, and commercial power-generating scenarios, and can also create off-hours power for solar applications.

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Unbeatable Numbers


mph Peak Efficiency


mph Minimum Wind


Projected Efficiency


As Many Locations

Our Key Markets

  • Outdoor activities

    Make power at walking or biking speed to provide power for small electronics

  • Recreational vehicles

    The perfect low-profile solution for more than 9 million RVs

  • Boating

    Generate power or top off batteries while under way or in remote areas

  • Residential, including cabins and cottages

    Silent operation and no tower requirements


  • Electrical vehicle charging stations

    Powered by as little as the wind of passing traffic

  • Oil and gas industry

    Providing sufficient power in remote

  • Cannabis farming

    Reduces cost of electricity to run greenhouses/indoor-grow facilities

  • Developing countries

    Eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming grid development